Mobile Applications

Indah Sejahtera provides mobile development services for a broad spectrum of domains like Enterprise, Business, Banking, Custom, Gaming, Social and Health related custom softwares. It has a dedicated team of developers who bring in their years of experience in iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile, to give you the best possible advice and solutions.

Indah Sejahtera is focused on the development of efficient mobile and wireless solutions for everyday business processes. We are experts in developing high-quality B2B mobile solutions, taking into consideration the industry market place and the business needs of each particular company. Our deep experience in mobile software development allows us to be cost effective for businesses of all sizes, while optimizing and renovating their mobile communications system.

Our Mobile expert-based know-how in developing highly functional and usable mobile and wireless solutions, which help our customers solve a variety of challenging business problems including the following:

 Pushing Web Content to mobile/handheld devices

  • Providing access to online services via mobile/handheld devices
  • Boosting Sales process by helping salespeople to be aware and quickly response to arising issues via mobile/handheld devices (via ultimate mobile e-mail solutions)
  • Improving support and customer service processes
  • Managing relationships
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